20. August 2022

Expansion of quarantine station

To accommodate even more chimpanzees, the quarantine facilities need to be expanded.
19. April 2022

Sheila Siddle – Founder, patron and soul of Chimfunshi deceased at age 90

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Sheila Siddle, co-founder of Chimfunshi. We lose in Sheila a charismatic, dedicated, fearless and extraordinary person who had […]
16. April 2018

Happy Birthday Jack!

Today is the birthday of our sponsored chimpanzee Jack and he turns 10 years old. Jack was born on Chimfunshi. Jack’s mother, Julie, came to Wildlife […]
18. November 2014

Are Chimpanzees really 5 times stronger than humans?

Right or wrong? The allegation of the overwhelming strength of chimpanzees and that they are five times stronger than humans was derived from the biologist John […]