Just as important as donations are volunteers, without whom the work at Chimfunshi could not be done!

It's all about the hands-on help and skills volunteers bring, and about volunteers learning about local history, culture, wildlife, and absorbing the essence of the land.

We want volunteers who have a desire to connect with the community and support our wildlife and conservation efforts and children's education through hands-on help.


Chimfunshi offers a diverse range of volunteer opportunities. Practical assistance is welcome in almost all areas of the sanctuary: From chimpanzee and wildlife care and helping with research activities, to educational work with children and measures to support the local community, to working in the farm and agricultural areas or expanding the visitor program.

Hands are needed everywhere. At the same time, volunteers have the opportunity to participate in daily life at one of the largest chimpanzee sanctuaries in the world.

Play an important role in the rehabilitation of endangered chimpanzees.

Experience life the African way!

Live in a rustic setting in a very rural, beautiful environment. Play soccer with the local kids on the flat plains.

It's also a great place to enjoy a sundowner, barbecue and prime stargazing!

Fact check

You'll live on Chimfunshi's property among the local residents while getting involved with a number of local social and educational projects and learning about the people and culture of Zambia.

As a rule, we recommend a minimum stay of two weeks so that volunteers can get to know the entire sanctuary and also experience a bit of life on Chimfunshi.

We offer both short-term and long-term volunteer opportunities. As a short-term volunteer, you will work directly with our staff. Long-term volunteers may already come with their own idea for support, or we may give them their own project to work on with management. If interested, long-term volunteers can also be deployed flexibly as needed in the various areas of the project. Depending on the time and skills to be contributed, the cost of the stay will be individualized.

If you are interested in supporting Chimfunshi as a volunteer, please send an email to enquiries@chimfunshiwildlife.org (in English).

NEW: Junior Research Assistant Program

In recent years, Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage has become an important primate research site.

The sanctuary offers scientists and students a unique opportunity to observe the complex social behavior of chimpanzees in their groups and in a near-natural habitat.

A new junior research program is designed to support scientists and is aimed at young people interested in primates and their study. The goal is to bring young people from around the world together with already engaged youth from Zambia to empower local youth, build professionals for the future, and improve educational opportunities in Zambia.

For more information, download here.

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