A sanctuary the size of Chimfunshi brings new tasks and new challenges every day. New projects have to be initiated and implemented continuously to ensure the care of the chimpanzees; the admission of new animals; and to secure and promote the life of the villagers and education of the children. Support one of our current projects on Chimfunshi!

School feeding program | Start 2024

Combating malnutrition and ensuring education are major challenges. At Chimfunshi, we therefore provide a free lunch for everyone who attends school. But many come without breakfast. The time until lunchtime is too long, especially for the youngest children. We urgently want to offer them breakfast too.

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New outdoor enclosures | Start 2021

Chimfunshi's chimpanzees are getting older and older. In order to enable animals with physical limitations to live a species-appropriate life in the wild, a special enclosure urgently needs to be built. For this, not only high electric fences have to be installed, but also a supply area and spacious cages have to be built.

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A new handling facility | Start 2021

Chimfunshi's outdoor enclosure #2 is in desperate need of a new handling facility. The enclosure is home to the largest chimpanzee group at Chimfunshi which is now home to 55 chimpanzees. Unfortunately, the old handling facility no longer meets the needs of the group. There is an urgent need for an extension to ensure consistent feeding and veterinary care for all chimpanzees.

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Extension of the school | Start 2023

Since school fees were abolished in Zambia in 2022, the number of our students has sky-rocketed from 180 to 220 and is still increasing. In order to adequately teach all children, we urgently need another building, desks, benches and other equipment. For this we need your help!

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Design of the school yard | Start 2023

Since our school is bursting at the seams, half of the children have to move outside every hour. In order to provide an adequate outdoor learning space, the school yard needs to be equipped with seating and other equipment. This will improve the school's learning capacity in the short term and at minimum cost.

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Drinking water for all | Start 2022

In recent years, the water level in Zambia has dropped significantly, which has also affected Chimfunshi. In order to provide access to clean water for all residents at Chimfunshi, new wells need to be constructed urgently. A stable and clean water supply is essential for the health and survival of people, animals and nature.

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