About 40 years after the arrival of the first chimpanzee on Chimfunshi, the adequate care and support of the more than 150 existing animals, the taking in of more chimpanzees, as well as the operation of the sanctuary, represent an immense financial challenge. Significant donations from individual donors keep the operation running.

Chimfunshi needs about EUR 25,000 every month for food, basic medical care, salaries of the employees and maintenance of the infrastructure. This does not include necessary special projects and investments. The possibility to continue our important work, to take in more animals in need and to continue to provide adequate care for all chimpanzees depends more than ever on the support of further donors, sponsors and project partners.


Support one of our current projects on Chimfunshi with a specific funding amount. Work with us to advance wildlife conservation and positively impact the development of an entire region.

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