Education creates access to the world

Despite large copper deposits, Zambia is one of the poorest countries in the world. The majority of the population lives below the poverty line of USD 1.90 per day. Three quarters of the poor live in rural areas. Work and education are the only chance to escape poverty.

And this is where Chimfunshi makes a small but very important contribution to the region with its Twampane Community School: The Twampane School was founded in 2011 to give the children of Chimfunshi employees the opportunity to attend school. The nearest school is 20 km away and there is no public transport, so most of the children could not attend school at all. The 20 students and one teacher in the early days have now grown to over 220 students and eight teachers teaching from 1st to 9th grade. Almost 120 of the students live at Chimfunshi, the others come from the surrounding farms and settlements.

For the future of the children and the region

All schoolchildren receive a daily hot lunch - for some the only meal of the day. A sponsorship program enables children with good academic performance to attend secondary school. In addition, Chimfunshi offers children in the final grades on-site vocational training and further education. Our Twampane School not only improves the personal future prospects of the children and young people at and around Chimfunshi. In the long term, the entire region will benefit from the well-trained young people.


  1. Together, we are helping more than 220 children to achieve better living conditions.
  2. We are promoting the health of the children, creating the conditions for their regular and successful school attendance and thus increase the chances for over 200 children to escape poverty through education.
  3. Education imparts knowledge in all areas of life and is the prerequisite for any progress in development.

Every donation counts!

The financing of the Twampane School is largely supported by individual donors. In the past, additional funding made it possible to build an extension, equip the school with additional school furniture, computers, printers and beamers, purchase a school bus, provide the children with school clothing and shoes, and install the school's own solar system. But the acute need goes far beyond that.

Help us and get involved with us for the future of these children!

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