Learning in and with nature

Around 1800 children receive environmental education at Chimfunshi every year. The main aim is to awaken the children's interest in the rich natural and animal world in which and with which they live. Chimfunshi offers excellent opportunities for this.

In addition to its own Twampane Community School, which is attended by around 220 children and where environmental education and education for sustainability are part of the curriculum, school classes and visitor groups from all over the country visit the Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage to learn about environmental protection and conservation, the protection of African wildlife and the threat of species extinction.

Workshops & Excursions

For these groups, as well as for the students and researchers who come to Chimfunshi from around the world, the Education Center at Chimfunshi was built in 2002. It regularly hosts and teaches guests. The Education Center provides training space and shared accommodations for up to 60 people. Field trips, including to the entire Chimfunshi area, also provide the opportunity to explore different types of natural habitat and vegetation, observe chimpanzees and other wildlife, and have their own intensive nature experiences.

The goals of the environmental education program at Chimfunshi are to raise awareness about the appreciation and protection of fauna and flora, and to educate people about endangered species. Chimfunshi wants to encourage as many people as possible to support the protection of species, animals and nature.

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