Chimfunshi Anniversary Book

CHIMFUNSHI - 40 Years Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphange. The anniversary book about the largest sanctuary for chimpanzees that no longer have a natural home. It all began in 1983 with the admission of the first injured baby chimpanzee... 

The book looks at the extraordinary story of Chimfunshi, the dramatic fates of the chimpanzees threatened with extinction and vividly shows how the private commitment of a farmer couple turned into a comprehensive animal welfare and education project.

The book design surprises with unusual changes in format and material and a presentation that vividly illustrates the complex project. Historical documents, letters and diary entries alternate with over forty expressive chimpanzee photographs.


Communicate & preserve

The book invites you to browse, read and discover for hours. Anyone who is interested in Chimfunshi, supports our commitment to chimpanzees, nature and wildlife and our care for the people of Zambia will be thrilled by this book!

Length: 104 pages
Publisher: Chimfunshi e.V.
Publication date: October 2023
Price: 22,90 € (plus shipping)


Interesting & unknown facts

Which ape species especially likes to pick its nose? How do apes mourn the loss of a group member? And what is an entire ape clan doing in a thermal bath? Holger and Rolando Grumt Suárez tell us all this and much more in their German-language book Buch „111 Dinge über Affen, die man wissen muss“ (111 Things to Know about Apes), which also features Chimfunshi.

With their book, the two authors present an entertaining, informative and impressive compendium about apes - illustrated with many pictures. They understand perfectly how to illuminate a complex scientific topic with seriousness coupled with humor. The authors present the world of apes in a way that is knowledgeable and at the same time understandable for everyone. Even younger readers can understand the book, browse through it and expand their knowledge. A captivating book about our closest relatives, whose habitat is shrinking from year to year. It offers an amazing insight into the world of apes and its remarkable unknowns.

Read & donate

We have been to agree with Emons Verlag that 4.40€ of each book purchased through us (current retail price 16.95€) will go to the Chimfunshi projects as a donation. Gift the book to yourself or to other - and in so doing give important support to Chimfunshi! LÖSCHEN Please help by telling others about this book and how their purchase can help.

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