Caring for the people

Chimfunshi currently provides employment, housing, basic health care, education, training and continuing education to about 70 employees and their families - a total of about 300 people (including 150 children).

The employees who ensure the operation of Chimfunshi and that of the associated farm are permanently employed and live in five villages on the Chimfunshi site. Due to the family structures and the close connection of the village community with the core tasks of the sanctuary, Chimfunshi not only secures the livelihood of numerous people, but also provides a safe haven for the people.

Donations and grants made it possible to build solid houses for the staff and their families and to install wells in all villages to ensure the supply of clean drinking water. In 2017/2018, a dedicated infirmary was built on Chimfunshi's premises, permanently staffed by at least one medical professional.

In addition, Chimfunshi interacts with the surrounding small farmers through trade and the mutual exchange of goods. This also secures jobs and creates modest prosperity as well as adequate working and living conditions in the region.

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