Over the past 20 years, Chimfunshi has become an important and internationally recognized research site.

The sanctuary offers primate and behavioral researchers the unique opportunity to observe the complex social behavior, cognition and communication of chimpanzees in their near-natural habitat and in intact groups.

Chimfunshi regularly collaborates with scientists from international research institutes. Together, research projects are planned and implemented.

Social behavior of chimpanzees

Scientists conduct field studies at Chimfunshi to understand how chimpanzees interact with each other, whether there are differences within different chimpanzee populations, and how chimpanzees learn from each other and work together. They also look at what skills humans share with chimpanzees and which are uniquely human.

Children and nature

A research project at the University of Leipzig, in collaboration with Chimfunshi's Twampane Community School, is investigating children's attitudes toward other living things from pre-school age through adolescence, whether these attitudes differ from those of adults, and what individual factors shape this developmental process.

Chimfunshi Research Advisory Board

Chimfunshi accepts research projects of all kinds, including those outside the field of primatology. Information for scientists interested in conducting research at Chimfunshi can be found here.

In 2010, the Chimfunshi Research Advisory Board (CRAB) was established to review and oversee research projects taking place on Chimfunshi. Led by Dr. Edwin van Leeuwen, CRAB works with Chimfunshi management to ensure that research projects and the mission of Chimfunshi go hand in hand. Publications and research results can be found here.

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