You can become a sponsor of one of our chimpanzees for an amount of 10€ per month (at least 12 months) or 120€ per year. In this way, you ensure his/her continuous care, nursing and medical care.

If you would like to support your sponsored chimpanzee beyond that, you can increase the sponsorship amount and enable us to supplement the food with vitamin-rich fruit and vegetables, for example, and to expand the species-appropriate habitats of the chimpanzees within our stations.

As a sponsor, you will receive a sponsorship certificate and information about your sponsored chimpanzee, please provide us with your address or email address in the donation form.


At Chimfunshi, our commitment extends beyond chimpanzees to local wildlife in need. These animals, whether injured, confiscated, or kept privately, find a safe haven at Chimfunshi.

As the number of animals under our care grows, we invite you to join our Wild Animal Sponsorship Program. By sponsoring individual animals or groups, such as bush babies, parrots, owls, and antelopes, you contribute to their well-being, ensuring they receive proper nourishment and medical attention.

For as little as €5 per month (for a minimum of 12 months) or €60 per year, you can make a meaningful impact. In return, you'll receive a sponsorship certificate, several photos of the sponsored animal, and an annual update on their progress.

Become a part of our efforts to safeguard and care for not only chimpanzees but also the diverse wildlife that calls Chimfunshi home.

Chimp sponsorship


  1. Choose the chimpanzee or wildlife you would like to sponsor from the photo gallery and click on BECOME A SPONSOR to get to the donation form.
  2. There, enter the name of the selected animal and the note "sponsorship" in the message field.


If you would like to gift a sponsorship? No problem. Choose a chimpanzee or wildlife from the photo gallery. In the message field of the donation form, enter the name of the selected animal, as well as the note "Give away a sponsorship" and additionally the full name, email address and postal address of the recipient of the gift. Your chosen recipient will then receive the sponsorship certificate and information about the sponsored animal directly. If you would like to present the sponsorship certificate to the person yourself, write in the field "Send certificate to donor" and enter your own address in full in the form.


Depending on your place of residence your donation may be tax deductible as a special expense or charitable donation. For donations up to EUR 300, the "Simplified donation receipt" in connection with your bank statement serves as a donation receipt for your tax return. If your donation exceeds EUR 300, you will automatically receive a donation receipt at the beginning of the year, which you can claim in your tax return, if applicable.


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